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Attractive and targeted design

1Attractive and targeted design

If your website is to function as the central hub of communication, there is no way around a target-oriented web design. All information must be well structured and prepared appropriately; this is the only way to guide your users through your site quickly and in a targeted manner.

Content is King

2Content is King

We are not only concerned with the information structure, but also with the content of the information - both in the code that is invisible to the user and in the visible front-end area. We create usable content that reaches the goals of your target group, and thus your own.

Creativity meets brains

3Creativity meets brains

Problem solving begins with planning, runs through the entire implementation and later shows in the success of your overall communication. Efficient implementation and outstanding design are not just the goal, but a means to an end.

From professionals for professionals

Mobile first

From cell phones to tablets to workstations. Of course, we create every website responsively for all common device types - also as an app on request!


Online shopping is booming: That is why, on the one hand, we offer you implementation and targeted design for your web shop from a single source. And with the other, we adapt all of this individually to your needs.

Individual programming

We program individual solutions from scratch or also into existing systems. We support you with the full relaunch or expand your existing website with new functions.

Landing Pages

Conversions and leads with as little effort as possible? Come to us, we will bring the users directly to your platform.

Accessibility and SEO

Of course, the control and optimization of the website source codes are also necessary for a perfect and barrier-free presentation. Google is happy too!

High functionality

An inquiry form, Google Maps, a slideshow - these are just a few examples of functions that we can integrate according to your requirements.

Our technology, your benefit

Logo PWT

The Picosoft Web Toolkit is an efficient and modern web framework that is used for all of our PHP projects.

Logo DBO

Our ORM mapper with database abstraction for seamless access to Postgres, Mysql, JSON and SQLit

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HOLOSUN Europe goes E-Commerce

We have established the first German end customer shop for the HOLOSUN brand: A smart e-commerce solution based on the new Shopware 6 system.

DNH AG aus Koblenz

A CMS system that is easy to manage and maintain has been established for DNH AG from Koblenz, so that content and design can be changed at any time.

anzone GmbH

anzone warehouse deals. New and refurbished products at bargain prices </a>.

Pico Group GmbH

For the website of our group of companies, we rely on a solution with many dynamic optical design elements.

Pico Ground GmbH is a compact company website with a focus on a teaser slideshow on the home page.

Picotronic GmbH

The Picotronic GmbH website has been brought into the current age with a subtle revision. In addition to the company presentation, a product database and the web version of the laser finder app were also integrated.


Set up, layout and stocking a friendly and modern B2C shop for the Lasertiger® cat laser with Shopify.


The Laserluchs webshop has been specially designed for the brand CI of the Laserluchs brand.

Laserfuchs is a B2C shop based on XT commerce.

Gresser Laser

We have established the first German end customer shop for the Gresser Laser brand: A smart e-commerce solution based on the new Shopware 6 system.


A compact bilingual landing page for the tabletop laser brand from Picotronic GmbH.


We have created a web presence with an integrated Shopware 6 web shop for fashion brand OZETA's the german branch.

Volleyball Bundesliga

A layout has been implemented according to agency guidelines for the newly relaunched webseite of the Deutsche Volleyball-Bundesliga.


A website for the presentation of the third and regional leagues was designed for the German Volleyball Association and implemented in the SAMS sports association management system of Volleyball IT GmbH.

Brandenburgischer Volleyball Verband

The website of the Brandenburg Volleyball Association was implemented by us for the 2019/20 season, based on a finished agency design in the SAMS sports association administration system.

DVV Basistemplate

We have created a flexible and configurable template for the German Volleyball Association which is provided to its members, supporting their migration to the SAMS CMS.

Volleyball Bawue Landingpage

The websites of the Badischen Volleyballverbände haven been implemented in SAMS and a layout with color variants has been created.